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Gamerboiii Audio Sex Stories 52

so Thank you for the script u/Rocka_Xtreme, it was soooo much fun to record. It’s the middle of the night and everyone is asleep. As you are sleeping, you feel your pussy slowly getting wet. You hear sucking and licking noises and feel your pussy being sucked by something or someone. You slowly open your eyes to see your brother sucking you off. He looks at you with his sleepy eyes and smiles. He opens his mouth and you hear him say, “Hi mom”.... Wait what!?
Script by u/RavenBranwensgoodboy You recently saved your little brother from his abusive ex-girlfriend. You are on the couch after finishing a romantic movie. He admits he wanted to kiss you, and he confesses his love after expressing his gratitude of saving him. You are in love with him too, and you cuddle in bed and have sex.
Script by the amazing u/shotgunlust. A mother (37) and her meek, sheltered son (21) recently escaped from a religious cult. After fleeing in the night, they take refuge in the cramped guest room of their only living relative. When her son flips through a magazine for the first time, he spots a striking woman wearing a bikini. Gazing upon her smooth, airbrushed belly and large chest spilling out of her flimsy red top, he feels his cock hardening in his pants merely inches away from his mother laying next to him. He sits in discomfort on their bed, praying it’ll go away on its own, like it always has. When his mother inevitably notices and questions why he isn’t taking care of it, she finds out that he was told that erections were the Devil’s doing. He believes touching himself will invite Satan to drag him straight down to Hell. This evening, she’ll show her boy that an orgasm can only take him to one holy place: Heaven on Earth.
Script by u/Brilliant_Yak_4923. You are the mother of a new high school graduate. Your son just turned 18 and asks a big question. He nervously asks you to teach him how to pleasure a woman. You gently teach him and you end up taking his virginity.
Script written by u/RBtheUglyDumpling. It was going to be a good day today, so you decided to have an early morning picnic. Luckily, barely anyone showed up to the park. Well, that was until a cute foxboy popped out of nowhere. A very kissy, affectionate foxboy at that. He came to have a picnic with his master, and would like you to join them. Problem is, he isn’t hungry for food. He has a different snack in mind.
and Script by u/midnights_door Mmm, I knew you couldn’t resist me for long. I make you want to do all kinds of naughty things, don’t I? This is why you called me over here, isn’t it? You wanted a cute, sweet younger boy to help satisfy all those womanly needs that *he* never did. Women your age may not be considered young anymore, but I know you’ve still got the energy of any girl I could find at school. Maybe even more since you’re… frustrated. (Whisper) That won’t be a problem for me. Boys my age can fuck. All. Day. Long.
Script by the wonderful u/av3-maria! You notice that your girlfriend has been coming home late and skipping her meals. She insists she's fine but you know better so you decide to take matters into your own hands. Preparing lunch for her, putting on a coat with nothing but lingerie underneath, you visit her office— determined to make her relax.
Script by u/confusedqueeer. On a chilly autumn day, your boyfriend gets a little jealous of your cozy thigh highs! You decide to lend him a pair, and are struck by how sexy he looks... one thing leads to another and you lend him your panties too, bend him over your knee, and spank and finger him until he's a whimpering, begging, subby mess! You have him finish by grinding on your leg, and make him taste his cum out of your panties.