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Head_violinist Audio Sex Stories 51

Author: “It was inspired by this wholesome meme that I often see floating around, about rolling someone up like sushi or a burrito to comfort them That is apparently all it takes to get me thinking about how sex in one of those would be like…” - u/NyandalfTheGray This is my very FIRST script-fill, and I’m so excited to share it! I’ve been looking for a long time for something that was both emotional and saucy. Lucky me, I found just the thing! I love both the loving, caring GFE experience and the girlfriend’s ingenuity to solve her boyfriend’s stress by accosting him, wrapping him up in both warm snuggly blankets as well as HERSELF, soothing his anxiety, and fucking his worries away. Ahhh the best of many worlds....
by u/UtteredBun I, the speaker, have fantasized about pegging you, my partner, for a while… there’s something so intimate about the way you enter me during sex that I want you to have the same earth-shattering, passionate, fulfilling experience that comes from having your partner inside you, vulnerable and trusting. I’ve watched videos and ordered a strap-on online, and plan to talk to you about what I’d like to share with you. However, before I have a chance to do so, I come home to find that you’ve already found my purchase and my “plans” to peg you. (Oh dear, I was going to talk to you first!) It’s really not your idea of a good time. You don’t understand it. But in your desire to please me, you decide to surprise me and prepare to grin and bear it. But there’s no way that I’m going to meet your expectations of you cringing in pain like those videos you had discovered in my browser history. My reasons for wanting you this way are emotional and sensual. And I’m going to treat your body with care and encourage you all the way through… pleasure you and treat you like the good boy you are. I want to look in your eyes and kiss you as I pleasure you. Please, let me show you why I want to fill you.. And how good it can feel.
Relax, cuddle in, and listen to my soft voice… wind down from the day, my beautiful good boy. Listen to me encourage you as I stroke your hair and have you take some deep breaths. Close your eyes and I’ll sing you a slow lullaby as I rub your back. It’s short, but this is my first attempt at a pillow-talk audio. It was a request from a friend to include “good boy” and how I was proud of him. , , , , , , , , , “Baby Mine”
This is from the perspective of someone who is experiencing chronic pain or has a disability where there are especially hard days during flare ups, and has had to miss their plans going out. I’ve planned a special surprise for you to make up for it. Snuggles, affirmations, a handjob, singing…
Morning Delight I am not a morning person, but waking up with you pressed up against me warm under the covers… it’s hard not to ignore the effect you have on me.. And I on you. I can’t help but start to move against you… and your hips start to move in turn. Mornings with you are the best. Let me show you why.
This audio is kind of a relaxed and sensual fucking… In a soft voice I describe how we touch and fuck- while reveling in the feeling of your cock and how good you make me feel. I beg to be fucked and to have you cum inside me. I also want you to cum in me in the position of your choice. I know it’s a long audio, but if you have time and can hold on… try to come with me, baby. :) Also! Special edition - I spend some time massaging your cock inside of me by contracting my muscles around you. I was actually doing this in real life, btw. ;) It’s such an amazing feeling. -sigh-... Please excuse the cat. He was running up and down the stairs and bouncing off of the walls. And most obviously singing the song of his people because it was the middle of the night. ----------------- LONG (47 minutes) “Fucking? Vanilla, But Make It Spicy!” (Mostly) (Mostly) (Using a) [47:48
-------- I’m reviewing and deciding on which scripts to fill, learning how to use editing software, and waiting for my new mic to arrive. In the meantime I decided it’s ok that I’m just being my horny self in the middle of the night- fantasizing about you and asking you to finger me, eat me out, and fuck me. Halfway through I very briefly switch from using my fingers to using my glass dildo. Please enjoy.. I did. ;)