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Melodymaddox Audio Sex Stories 12

"A college student is heading back to his dorm after a night class. A woman, nervous about being out so late alone, asks if she could walk back with him. Of course, he agrees. Sadly, she isn't what she seems. Predators can sense weakness, but prey don't always realize they're in danger..."
"The listener has anxiety and often has nightmares in which the speaker leaves them or hurts them (emotionally) in some way. The speaker is always reassuring. In this particular instance, the speaker wakes the listener when they realize they’re having a nightmare, and then proceeds to comfort and reassure them. Eventually it leads to them getting physical in which the speaker spends a long time reassuring the listener while they have slow sensual sex."
Summary: Your mommy Dom couldn't help but notice you eyeing up a large Lego set last time you were out shopping with her. When asked what you'd do if she bought it for you, you jokingly said you'd let her peg you. A few weeks have passed, and your mommy has come home from work with a little surprise...
You and your BFF attended the masquerade together for a fun girl’s night. When the snowstorm hits and it’s announced that you’ll have to stay, you volunteer to share a room to help make sure there are enough for everyone else. You’re BFFs, so sharing a bed isn’t a problem, right? Maybe it wasn’t…until you realize neither of you have pajamas, the bed is so tiny, and the room is so cold…you love to snuggle, but tonight snuggling may lead to a lot more than you were expecting.
You've been going on collective hiking holidays with a bunch of friends, and that one friend of a friend that joined a few years ago is joining again. You have a bit of a crush on her, so you are secretly thrilled when it turns out all hotels in the neighborhood are fully booked, and you'll have to share a single bed hotel room with her. You're considering to make a move on her, but she beats you to the punch.