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Mistressirene Audio Sex Stories 15

You are wandering through a magic forest, looking for a special root that is rarer than gold. Late into the night you come to a clearing and you see a beautiful elf dancing. As she dances and sings, flowers bloom around her, causing you to become completely transfixed. As you watched, you knew she was your true love, and how right you were.
After a stressful couple of weeks for the both of us, and our relationship suffering because of it, you decide to take us up to the mountains for the weekend to cool off. After a day of hiking, fishing, swimming, or maybe even having sex in the lake, the night is dark and full of stars. After getting more firewood you find me dancing to myself with my headphones in. I'm a bit late to the party, but Joji's music is so good, and you hear me softly singing it to myself as my hips sway with the beat. You look at me for awhile, enjoying the moment for what it is, before you slowdance with me.