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Moonmangonewild Audio Sex Stories 10

Tags- Sooo i want to try being dominant, after my last audio, you can think this as a sequel or not, it's up to your imagination, i did have fun making this and i hope you enjoy it! I will try to make both dom and subby audios Also i was thinking to do a script fill but i also want to practice my improv, even tho it isn't good, i am trying, that's why you will here some rambling or stuttering but i hope that isn't a bother ,it could be part of an audio If you do want to support me, i have a kofi, don't feel obliged to donate, it's okay! You listening to my audios means a lot already! https://ko-fi.com/moonman95719/goal?g=0
I've been doing Va on youtube for 10 months now so i want to try new things on gonewild audios idk how long i would do it but maybe it would be a fun experience nonetheless