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Mummydomme Audio Sex Stories 62

The girl that has been bullying you since the beginning of college has gotten some blackmail material on you and uses it to take advantage of you. The plot is a bit dark (refer to tags) so if that’s not for you, I would recommend avoiding it. https://www.patreon.com/Mummydomme https://linktr.ee/Mummydomme
Script by u/LateStageInfernalism Oh, that shut you up fast, didn’t it. I knew that you’d be a good little whore for me. Yeah, my hand is going in your pants now. You like that, don’t you? You want me to roughly handle your hard cock don’t you? You can’t get enough. You’re pretty close already, aren’t you? You don’t cum until I tell you, understand? This cock? It’s not yours anymore. It’s mine. Say it. https://linktr.ee/Mummydomme
Ever since your coworker hypnotized you, you can’t get the thought of submitting to her from your mind. You’ve been avoiding her for days, but one day you make a mistake and she corners you in an office. She explains things to you and ends up riding you on the office floor. Script by u/Dibokucres - https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/qqrfxi/f4m_script_offer_turning_my_coworker_into_my/
For the past few months, a mature wealthy billionaire goth has been acting as a sugar mommy to a younger man. She's been covering his rent and other subscriptions/bills-an insignificant dent to her enormous fortune-as well as inviting him over to stay at her mansion during weekends. Over time, Goth Sugar Mommy has developed intense feelings for her Sugar Baby that she can no longer contain. During a federal holiday, her sugar baby expresses via text that he's been feeling a bit low, so she decides to surprise him by clearing her schedule and paying a visit...and letting him know how she really feels about their relationship...
I come home from shopping, dismayed and exasperated to find that you’ve failed to do any of your chores, and in fact, the place looks worse than when I left! …After seeing your flushed face, however, and my worn, used panties strewn about the bed, I have a change of heart, and decide to lovingly tease and milk you to an intense, embarrassing, loving climax instead… …After all, there’s no use doing chores with full balls now, is there? Script by u/Enno_Zalenno
Your girlfriend loves it when you adore and worship her but recently things have gone a little stale. She wants you to idolize her again and so she tries out a new drug that makes her taller and her breasts grow. As she grows, you become her doting man once more, but soon her size makes you feel so small and things get worse when she realizes she can make you shrink… Her breast milk and her pussy juices contain the secret ingredient to make you her little plaything… and the smaller you get, the more you are forced to worship and adore her… Script by u/compliantscribe
After being separated from her ex-husband for some time, an extremely wealthy childless woman decides to get back into the dating world. One night at the bar, however, she finally connects with a younger man, she decides to bring him "home" in the hopes of getting to know him better...and to make a luxurious offer... Script by u/Ptcardinal https://linktr.ee/Mummydomme
The Listener takes the role of a Hero Prince, Told by Prophecy to be the one to put an end to the reign of the Evil Demoness Queen, Who has ravaged the land. After the kingdoms forces have all been slain by her, it is up to him to come and finish his holy duty! Unfortunately, She can see right through his weaknesses, And he has no way to resist her power and wiles against his biggest weakness...A Want for a Mommy, To spoil a cute prince like him. Script by u/Blueman8305
You've taken up a bounty to defeat me, an infamous witch, like the many that have previously tried and failed. However, upon arriving at my hut, you learn that despite my immense power, I'm actually really nice! (not as if you had the courage or the resolve to fight me anyway) Because I think you're so cute, I offer you a room and the opportunity to work with me... Script by u/bellhallabbq
"You see, I've had an overwhelming urge to be cruel to you for days now. And I don't mean playfully cruel. I mean entirely genuine cruelty. Last night, while you were lying next to me asleep, I masturbated to the mental image of making you cry. Making a grown man cry, and licking the tears from your face, while I taunted and cackled over you. And tonight, I have every intention of making that fantasy come true." Script by u/Hero_For_Villainess
This script is a variation on the 1996 "A brief mistake" story by Artemis. The main plot points are the same, a guy meets someone claiming to be a witch at a party, calls her out, agrees to get a spell cast on them, gets temporarily enslaved and then permanently enslaved at her house, after a brief physical confrontation that enrages her. Script by u/Dibokucres
Script by u/ninjayesh This is a hypnosis session intended to try and make you visualize and hear whatever women you want to, as if they’re in the room with you. The intention is to let you experience fantasies with real people from the listener’s choosing in an intense but safe and ethical way. The listener is made to experience the following scenarios: A woman stripping while forcing the listener to strip first. A woman laughing / taking pictures of the listener while he’s naked and embarrassed. A woman disgusted by the listener for being naked. A vampiress hypnotizing the listener to let her suck their blood. A woman making the listener jerk to completion in rhythm with a swinging pocketwatch. Script disclaimer: This audio file will hypnotize you to experience different fantasy scenarios with different women controlling you. This is real hypnosis. Please make sure you are in a safe environment for a trance. If at any point you are uncomfortable or cannot continue for any reason, you will find yourself naturally waking back up and returning to your normal self. Please be aware that this file will include the following suggestions: making the listener strip completely. Making the listener feel unable to move. Making the listener feel intense feelings of embarrassment. Making the listener masturbate to completion. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy.
After a long-term relationship brutally breaks down, our msub's confidence is through the floor. He takes himself online and eases himself into a few chats. Within a few weeks, he becomes quite attached to a lovely woman. Sure, she lives hundreds of miles away in the middle of nowhere, but the attachment is undeniable. They chat for hours, share photos, they share fantasies. One such fantasy involves her kidnapping him from her local train station. But it's all harmless, it's just a fantasy. There's absolutely nothing that could go wrong if he agrees to act it out in real life. Right? Script by u/Hero_For_Villainess
At first it’s just a whisper. A quiet playful female voice talking sweetly to you. But it soon becomes clear that she wants more. Your lustful thoughts have led her to you in your sleep. She is a being from another dimension trying to break into this world. You stroke your cock to her and with every pump you become weaker, smaller, more aroused… whilst she becomes stronger, bigger and able to take on physical form in this world… Will you be able to resist her? Or will you succumb and allow her to cross over into this mortal realm where she can feast on every man on the planet! Script by u/compliantscribe