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Pixelcherry Audio Sex Stories 27

Headphones recommended! Script by: u/PrinceInYellow Summary: Your bully knocks on the door of your dorm with a mischievous smirk on her face. After shoving her way inside, she sits you down on your bed and tells you she's decided her favorite little nerd is going to move in with her and be her new pet this semester. That means you're going to help her with her classes and do whatever she needs done. In exchange, maybe she'll give you a treat or two...
Summary: A snarky, cynical research assistant is working late one night on campus, translating some ancient Greek texts for her professor. You’re her friend, whom she has known since high school, and ended up bumping into her while performing your nightly custodial duties. After casually reminiscing on your lives and academic careers, she shows you an interesting find brought back by her professor during a recent expedition – a very old, rusted arrow that was unearthed near the altar of Eros, the ancient Greek God of Love. Of course, there were never any actual Gods or Goddesses, and what they’re examining is merely a man-made creation. Probably. Script by: u/OriginalASMR
Trigger warning for past abuse and family trauma. Summary: This year will be your first Christmas without your abusive family. Instead you’ll be going to your girlfriend’s family. That’s a great thing, but you’re also a bit apprehensive about it. You can’t quite shake that hesitation in your gut. It looks like your girlfriend noticed this. Hopefully she has a way to help? Writer: u/Turt1eShark
Summary: The war between Demons and Humans has raged for centuries now. Cities have fallen and bad blood boils on both sides. However, for the first time, a truce has been called. The last royal of the Demons, the princess, has received an invitation for a peace summit. And, as a show of good faith, the humans have sent their best knights to protect the princess from any hostile forces. Writer: u/Anonymous_scribes
Summary: You wake up early one morning to get a glass of water. All of a sudden, you see a girl wearing cat ears sitting next to your Christmas tree. Suspicious at first, you wonder if this is all a dream. But this catgirl is real and she’s here to fulfill your request that you made to Santa. Script: u/Lalo_ASMR_Alt