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Recycledrose Audio Sex Stories 399

Comforting turns to cuddles and cuddles turn to kisses, I can't bottle up how much I need comfort only you can give. Once you take the cork out of a bottle though ....it pours out.
Imagine being far from home, a humanoid you work with takes a shine to you, 'she' wants you. This friendly shapely creature is so gently curious and after all someone has to be the first to find out.


Do you want a deeper more powerful orgasm? Stimulate your perineum or maybe even a little deeper? It's ok, this is gentle femdomme guiding you through this challenge yourself. I do hope we all get to hear.
Some nights you don't need to sleep, just lay there feeling the closeness knowing it can happen. Especially if you stay all night with a woman who knows what she's doing. (This follows on from the summer solstice audio)
Delicate friends to lovers, an older girlfriend, you've fancied for ages, you're shy, excited a little afraid, she seduces you, guides you, whispers to you. "Closer" Long audio.
Detailed Description of a celebrity for visually impaired listeners, build up a picture in your mind.
You are being seduced, this gentle Alien wants to be mated by you and now you find out there's more to this exchange than you thought. It's too late now to refuse and 'she' is so very gentle.
You were so stressed out, you're getting more relaxed, but when you got an erection, after the massage, we moved from there to the bed. :) Relax watch me, touch yourself play along and we can see each other mmmmmmmm yes that's right, listen to me.
Script by /u/owenlyons A young girl on a train alone sits by a guy on his own....
Now we've remembered what you did for me, my lover, come upstairs, I'm going help you feel the way you made me feel, relax and feel me, feel me take your virginity in the most pleasurable of ways. Romantic, passionate, pegging Written by /u/shareoursexperiences