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Shutupjackass Audio Sex Stories 15

During a field trip, you decide to stray away from the rest of the class, wandering about the forest. Meandering, you happen upon that strange goth boy that you occasionally see walking around the hallways. Thing is, you've heard some stuff about him... Something about letting a cheerleader finger him? Well, now's as good a chance as any to verify those rumors. Perhaps, you could even see for yourself… Script provided by u/midnoirspecial This was a great script but also one that was challenging for me as I've never really made noise during sex, so this is me trying to break that barrier. Some bits of the audio don't come out perfectly but I kept it as it felt natural, but two words that I feel are too hard to translate are "jerking" and "licking", you'll be able to tell where those were lol.
The more muffled parts are me trying to distinguish between internal monologue and actual speaking. Don't have proper editing software so gotta do this by hand, hope everyone enjoys! Your Brother brings back a friend to do a project for one of their classes. He’s a nice and shy little thing that you wish you could just tease and squeeze. That opportunity presents itself when your brother forgot his textbook and books at school. You take that opportunity and run with it right to your room for a nice little evening of play with your sweet boy toy.
... This script was amazing, I got to use a ton of sound effects manually because i can't use technology. Doing "wet sounds" is exhausting! An ex-boyfriend at a party is trying to make everyone think he is over his ex-girlfriend. Turns out he is just a bratty sub who needs mommy to use him like a fuck toy and put him in his place.
You've been giving massages for all sorts of people yet you can never find time to relax and unwind for yourself, that is until this new customer comes in. His face seems to be a perfect place to sit and ride the stress away, but better make sure that he wouldn't mind a 'happy ending'. No one said you had to specify who gets it though.
... This was an amazing script by u/ChestyLarue42! Beach Boy Fucktoy is really fun to say btw, give it a try. I'm always excited to do any scripts with begging and submission, so this script was right up my alley. Obviously it's not summer anymore, but I am still happy I got to perform this audio, hope everyone likes it!
This script was fantastic! I mainly do submissive content, but it's never a bad thing to dip in other rolls. The speaker is really supportive and caring, so I felt right at home with this script! Original request and idea by u/DisappearingTeapot Script by u/JustAnotherDiversion You've been studying a lot in the past few weeks, exams are getting closer and you can't get rid of the feeling of not being ready. Your continued studies have affected your mood, maybe even your health, and of course your sentimental life too. Your boyfriend has been nothing but comprehensive and patient, but he's starting to get a little worried about you studying too much. That's why today he decided to help you take a special break from your hard work.
I am personally a huge fan of Cuckquean content, so I wanted to add to the tag! Fun fact, this was supposed to go up a few days ago but of course Soundgasm was down. Your girlfriend keeps asking how you view her friend Jessica, to which you honestly don't have any strong feelings about. But you weren't ready for what they had in store for you.
A lot of my friends have been talking to me about coming out as Asexual and the problems they face when trying to find partners while being Ace. I even had a partner who was Asexual. I was not the person my partner needed but I am doing my best to be there for my friends, so why not have this to remind them that they are valid and deserve to find those who love them!
I hope everyone enjoys my voice. If you have any feedback, requests, or anything else, I am open for DM's.