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Somewhatimmoral Audio Sex Stories 82

Despite the fact that I have to avoid the ceiling fans in your house, I am the perfect height to give forehead kisses which makes this a massive perk
Breeding kink audios: for those who want the thrill of breeding without actually having kids from it
You could also refer to this audio as "Stuck Between A Wall And A Hard Place"
There's an "oh we're just studying anatomy/sexuality" joke here that I completely missed the opportunity to make Thanks to LachAudios for the cameo!
I put up a stack of boxes next to me for this audio and at least half of them were cereal boxes I got on a sale
I haven't been to a hotel for months due to current world events, and when I come back they better still have waffle makers
Do you want "bred" as in breeding, or "bread" as in a sandwich? Actually- I'll just get you both.
By opening this audio, you've now leveled up. I would say that you gained +1 in your coolness stat, but that's already maxed out for you holy heck you're rad