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The_ghost_of_nobody Audio Sex Stories 22

Unlike the many other concerts you've attended of this band, this time you have a VIP pass! This gives you the privilege of talking to the band members after the concerts. While the other VIP pass holders have their favorites, yours is the sexy bass guitarist. Now that he's hanging out by himself, this is your chance to talk to him one-to-one... and maybe a little more?
You and your friends with benefits have been seeing each other casually for about a month now, and things are really heating up. He's a little charming, a little cute: the one guy you won’t get sick of after spending all day and night together. He gets you and you get him, and everything is great! One night you test the waters and ask about taking your relationship to the next level, and he says he wants to just keep things casual. That’s fine; you’re gone the next morning. But he's not letting you go that easily.
Up until now, your vacation has been pretty boring. Two days into the week of fun you've planned and you're not having much fun. To remedy this, you did something unplanned and took your boyfriend to the beach with you. It's more crowded than you expected, but there just has to be a way to make this vacation worth it.
You finally got the courage to meet your boyfriends parents. After a lovely dinner, you and your boyfriend spend the night at his parents house and occupy the spare bedroom for the night. Now that you two are alone and cuddly, your boyfriend is in a good mood and wants to let you know all the reasons why.
It's your senior prom. Up until now, things were going well: You were invited to be the date of the boy who's rumored to become prom king this year, you got a special outfit just for the occasion, and you were more than ready to celebrate one of the last nights of high school. Unfortunately, your date seems to have stood you up. Your friend, however, is here to make it all better.
0:00 Introductions, thanks, and blah blah blah 3:03 What is your favorite color? 3:28 How old are you? 4:07 What got you into voice acting? 6:11 What is your favorite genre of music? 7:21 Are you a theater kid and did you start singing from a young age? 8:24 What is your favorite type of content to create? 10:10 What is your favorite holiday? 11:02 What is your recording setup like? 11:50 What are some of the tags you'd like to do in the future? 12:54 Is it easier to record MDom audios or MSub audios? 13:37 What is a compliment that's always stuck with you? 16:39 What's your favorite audio that you've made? 17:35 Do you speak any other languages? 17:47 What are your favorite pet names? 18:21 What was something that surprised you about recording audios? 19:38 What does the perfect first date look like? 20:30 Do you have any pet peeves? 21:07 What are your best features? 22:16 Do you have any tattoos or piercings? 23:14 What's the worst purchase you've ever made? 24:06 What are your go-to karaoke songs? 25:21 What catches your attention about somebody? 26:33 Which is more sexy: a woman wearing lingerie or your shirt? 27:11 What is the sweetest thing a significant other has done for you? 27:46 Do you own any pets? 28:03 Have you had sushi before? 28:13 What's your comfort food? 28:40 What beverage do you prefer? 29:01 Are you into supernatural things? 29:21 If you could be any flavor, what would it be? 29:51 What's your type?
My new microphone arrived a day early! I may not be good at singing this high, but I'm sure as Hell going to try! I picked this song because it's very popular- at least in the US- and because I've been using this to help get over a recent frustration in my life. It felt GREAT to sing this!
I think, of all the artists I could cover, Green Day might be my best fit. Some friends of mine tell me I sing this song (and a few others) well, but I want to know what you think.
I've talked about my singing talent (or lack thereof) many times the past couple of weeks. It's time I have something to present to people who ask about it. I picked this song to try to demonstrate my highs and lows, but- if you ask me- the lows don't sound any good...
I kind of went my own way with this performance (if you know what I mean), but I still put as much of my soul into this one as I usually do.
It's been a while since I've shown any activity on Reddit, so I assume this won't get much attention. Even so, I feel like pouring my heart out here, whether or not you enjoy it.