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Thekindchip Audio Sex Stories 17

one two mentions of multiple listener orgasms ] Your dad's best friend only lives down the street, so he's always hanging around the family. Every time he sees you he calls you "sweetheart" or "beautiful". He's such a sweet gentleman. But you've had less than sweet things on your mind about the older man. So you've come up with a brilliant plan to get his attention. But now that you have it, that kind gentleman disappears...! Amazing script by u/tama_mantic !!!
You come back home after having been out for an errand for your girlfriend only to find the whole place is pitch black. All the lights are out and the curtains drawn. After fumbling to find the light switch you finally manage to turn the lights back on in the hallway only to be greeted with a pile of lingerie and a note. Your girlfriend wants to play Hide and Seek. With a twist. And so the game begins.
Synopsis: A frustrated masochist tops her conflicted sadist Dom from the bottom. It gets dark but they both like that. New kinks (of the month) are unlocked. As alluded to in the beginning, they have a CNC arrangement, which she “begged him” for. They have negotiated that she gives him blanket consent to hurt/use her however he wants within agreed boundaries. Safewords and check-ins are not part of their arrangement so please don’t add them. Written by u/daliafolia
Tonight, on the night of the full moon, you and your werewolf boyfriend have made plans to watch a movie together. Seeing as he’s been able to keep his transformations in check for quite some time now, this seemed like a good opportunity to take the stress off of the whole ‘’help, my boyfriend is a werewolf’’ thing. You however, being in a playful mood, decide to slip into a skimpy little outfit. Not knowing that due to the full moon his lust and aggression is about to hit the tipping point. Turning your naturally good-hearted boyfriend into a hot and horny beast... Script by: u/BadDevil_
"Script by u/shutuplaika" Your boyfriend has been coming home late from the office for the last few weeks and you’re like ships passing in the night. All you’ve done is cook, clean, make sure your partner keeps on top of what he needs to and rinse & repeat. You’ve accidentally set yourself into this routine and your brain seems to switch to autopilot from the second you get out of bed until the second you get back in. Your boyfriend finally takes notice and decides to help you switch off for the evening
Gentle MDom morning sex breakfast in bed banter body worship kissing cunnilingus counting down Rape to CNC - Summary: You and your girlfriend wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning but your girlfriend decides to sleep in a little longer. Some time has passed, you realize that she has to go to work in a couple hours and you don’t want her to be late so you decide to help wake her up in a different way. Author: u/CtrlEcstasy
You were taken in by a band of kindly elf healers after being injured during your adventures, and you're almost back to your old self thanks to the talents of one healer in particular. You've been developing feelings for her for a while, and you have a sneaking suspicion she's into you as well.. Author : u/Lookingformybluesky
Waking up early and struggling to get out of bed. Daddy shows his princess what he loves to do to her in the morning. This awesome script is by u/smallinalarge. I requested this script from them after reading a few of their previous scripts. It was an interesting read, hope you all enjoy.
It’s about taking chances. About how desire dances between people. And about hopes and dreams and where they can lead. It’s a little dark. It’s also sexy, with a twist or two. Written by u/baby_baby_oh_baby
From the Author: Set up: You come home and find your girlfriend crying on the couch because she was sexually harassed on her commute home. You offer several soft ways to comfort her. She tells you that the only way she'll feel better is if you get rough. This wonderful piece was from u/yourpersonalkitten.
From the author: You and your boyfriend have been together for a while now. And since you two have been together, he's been nothing but calm and sweet to you. But you know he used to be into some…some more intense things. And, to your concern, you confirmed it when you were browsing the computer the night before. You've heard horror stories of people leaving each other because of fulfillment in the bedroom. You're so smitten with him, maybe you could give it a go…? Surely it can't be that hard…right? hopefully you can impress him. This awesome script was written by u/tama_mantic Thank you so much, I had a great time preforming it.
From the author: After he caught you touching yourself while he spilled all the juicy details of his sexual predilections, your hot therapy client taught you a lesson that you can’t forget. You call him to apologize for your actions, secretly hoping to pave the way for another hot scene like last time. This time though, he proposes taking things slowly with a little game of self-discovery. This wonderful script is by u/SirPeterYourPleaser and u/daliafolia
From the Author: A sub asking her Dom for more rounds. He has no problem giving her what she wants but also finds a way to get what he wants. This fun script was written by u/Smallinalarge
A wonderful narrative by u/Givingscriptsatry