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Truthseiyer Audio Sex Stories 67

You've been developing one heck of a crush on one of your older brother's friends for awhile now, but being unsure of how to express it you've been acting more than a little bratty towards him. But when he comes over after a night out with the boys, and everyone else falls asleep, he decides he's going to get the 'bottom' of your recent behavior. By u/NoelleMuses
Your Shy Long Distance Boyfriend Finally Takes Control Written by u/EscapedTerrorist "You finally got to go on a real date with your long distance internet boyfriend, but it turns out he's not nearly as smooth in real life as he is online. With a little bit of time and encouragement he finally gains the confidence to do everything he's been telling you he wants to do to you, and slowly turns from nervous virgin to confident lover." Most sound effects from freesound.org