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Your-final-girl Audio Sex Stories 19

It's a cool October night and your new hot goth girlfriend invited you out to a drive-in horror movie marathon! Horror movies aren't usually your thing, but you're really eager to impress her, not to mention get a chance to get your hands on her hot body again after a steaming hot encounter at her record store last week. She surprises you with all sorts of homemade treats and a little cuddle puddle in the back of her van to make the evening really special, but when the movie gets a little too intense, she offers up her warm, wet, soft mouth to distract you from your terror.
So on top of being pretty and charming, I’m also a vinyl collector which makes me a little cool. I had the idea to do a vinyl based audio with my personal music opinions. If you’re a hopeless romantic like me you’ll love this slow burn audio with intense passion and powerful vocal performance from me at the end ;) If you’re NOT a hopeless romantic, you’ll love my loud moans and real fucking sounds. This is my first time writing a script, and since I wrote it in my voice and personality I would LOVE feedback and any compliments. This is a long one so get comfy lol SONG CREDIT: https://thmatc.co/?l=4073555A
Long time no see, but don’t worry you haven’t lost me yet darling…hmm You’ve been befriending the cute goth girl who owns the record store down the street and things were going well. Bonding over music, ordering her favorite drinks, helping her close the store after hours… but then you went and got a girlfriend and, well, she doesn’t take it very well… Now she’s going to remind you who you belong to. What you owe. And that she doesn’t appreciate you leading her on. So now she’s got to take matters into her own hands and give you what you know you’ve wanted this whole time.