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Aprilw9 Audio Sex Stories 131

You surprise your mom with a visit home from college while your dad is away on business. Your mom has been feeling horny and neglected lately, and you decide she needs a good fuck. But incest taboos being what they are, you need to trick her first. Nothing says a good time like breeding your mom and cucking your dad. I included the tag, because the initial fuck involves some pretty serious deception that negates the consent. Don't try this at home. This was a custom script fill for an author who asked to remain anonymous. Made by adults for adults, for fantasy purposes only. All characters are 18 or over. Enjoy!
You hear your kid sister masturbating when you two are home alone and you walk in to find her doing it with a pair of your boxers. A fight ensues, and she confesses she loves you. She's IN love with you. And now she wants to fuck you. You know it's wrong, but you can't resist. This was a custom audio I received permission to post. The script is by yours truly. This is a fantasy by adults and for adults only. All characters are 18 or older. Don't try this at home. Enjoy!
You've been lonely and depressed ever since your wife left you, but one night, your 18-year-old daughter decides she's got the perfect way to make you feel better. You're reluctant, of course, but she wants it bad, and she knows you can't resist. This is a pretty sweet and romantic script, especially compared to what I've posted lately, but it's still, you know, incest. Proceed accordingly. This is an anonymous custom script fill I received permission to post. Enjoy!
Your girlfriend lost a bet and now she has to work as the Beer Girl at your next poker game. Your friends make advances and she pretends not to be aroused, until she can't help it anymore and gives in completely. This was a fantasy custom audio with a script written by yours truly. Made by and for adults. All characters are 18 or over. Enjoy!