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Birdland Audio Sex Stories 28

Got super stoned and super gooned and ended up babbling and proclaiming my love of gooning and porn and porn addiction in a BIG way. You can really hear my lisp in this one, yowza! Around the 9 minute mark I start repeating “Gooner” for like 5 minutes straight No I don’t remember what I was watching, but it must have been good! Tags: Talking to Porn]
I got a fucking machine a few years ago but never actually used it until now. Turned it on for the first time, and legit went insane. I was high on an edible and used a vibrator on my clit, but I still came in less than 60 seconds once I got the machine in the right position. I thought people might like hearing me talking and attempting to set it up—it’s not sexy, it’s just kinda funny to me. It took a while to get the dildo inside me and working, I edited this a lot. The machine starts fucking me at 3:13 and I start cumming around 3:55. If you want to hear a woman actually lose her mind after getting fucked, here it is! Lots of muffled screaming and laughter. And just kind of lying there laughing in disbelief at the end. I’m very happy my neighbors didn’t call the cops. Enjoy! Now I have to figure out how to get back to real cock… Tags:
I edged and denied and gooned from February 1 to March 6. This is what it sounded liked when I finally came. I did it on mic in a discord stream, so there are some computer sounds like typing and clicking, and you can hear my hitachi going in the background. It's mainly moaning (and other noises), but I do say sentences here and there. I cum around 31 minutes and yes I do scream but it was into a pillow. People on discord kept telling me to post my voice to r/gwaudio, so I thought why not! This is my first audio, it's a true ramblefap. Please enjoy!
This is my first time reading a script! I found this awesome script by u/MeltForYou and decided to give it a shot! From the script offer: This is an audio intended to loop to ‘goon’ (keep yourself on edge for a long time). It can be listened to while watching porn or as a stand-alone! I went kind of overboard with the editing for this one; lots of layering of background audio, and my first time playing with binaural noise too! I was super high when I edited this, so if it sounds crazy and/or gives you a headache, please let me know. Any feedback would be appreciated—normally I just kinda moan and babble into the mic, this is my first time doing a long-form script. It was really fun, though, and I’d love to try it again. Everyone here has been super sweet to me, so thank you so much for listening! I hope it’s good and you enjoy! Tags: More Pleasure]
I was on a discord stream and heard someone deep throat like a champ, so got super inspired to try it myself! I need some more practice, but I had fun. There’s a bit of talking at the start of this, feel free to skip to 1:55 if you don’t want to hear it. I learned that I do indeed have a pretty sensitive gag reflex and really need to work on that. Oh nooo whatever shall I do :P Hope you enjoy! Tags: Talk of
I had to take a break from gooning to focus on my job for a while. When I got back to it, I recorded it! Nothing like getting high and masturbating with a bunch of people! It’s mainly moaning with some words thrown in every now and then. Not a lot of talking to porn or chat, but I tagged it just in case. Gooning is fun, and gooning with a crowd is even more fun. Hope you enjoy! Have fun and feel good! Tags:
I was doing my thing in a discord stream and like five guys showed up and started stroking their cocks on camera. It turned me on so much I kind of lost my mind. This is mainly moaning, but I do talk to the gooners on my screen, getting into some whackdoo babbling around the 13 minute mark. Listening back to this was buck wild, as in “I can’t believe I said that,” kind of buck wild. I’m tagging it F4M because I say “good boy” and talk about cocks, but others might enjoy as well! Get out there and feel good! Tags: Kind of ?
May is International Masturbation Month and I spent the entirety of it and a little more edging and gooning and not cumming! No lead up, orgasmed all of April and then stopped cold in May. Here’s what it sounds like when I orgasm after 35 days. I did this on a stream on Discord, so there’s some typing noises, some clicking, etc. I recorded it with both my mic and my phone, but you could hear people talking to me in the mic recording, so thank god for voice recorder! You can hear my laptops fan, it was chugging along. And you can hear my vibrator cuz like duh. But mainly you hear me edging and then finally cumming! It’s quite loud! I bit a pillow and screamed into it! A lot! And laughed! A lot! Because I totally lost my mind! It was super fun to deny for that long and then cum. Anyone thinking of doing it, I fully support you. Just be sure to book a hotel room when you scream bloody murder during the eventual orgasm. Tags:
I went on a fun little vacation with a gooner buddy and while we had a great time exploring the area we were staying in, we had an even better time absolutley destroying each other while watching porn. For example, he fucked my throat until I gagged and then I encouraged him to goon like an idiot. It’s fun to go back and forth with who is in control, especially while gooning. My buddy facefucked me so much during this gooncation that I actually got a sore throat! It was super fun, I highly recommend it. We wanted to record more of us, but we were often so high and so gooned we kinda forgot, oops! After all that practice with the dildos, I hope you enjoy hearing how I do with real cock. Celebrate the summer with Gooncation 2K21! Tags:
Life got in the way of my masturbation habits, so it was nice to sit back and let porn take me away for a while. Please enjoy me doing some old fashioned edging before cumming really hard. You gotta take time for self-case, and for me that means edging for thirty minutes and then biting my pillow case so hard I may need to start looking for a new one. Happy listening! Tags:
Title says it all, really. I edged and rubbed and buzzed my clit for an hour and recorded it. Figured it could be some nice background noise for someone who’s having a nice goon or jerk off session. Listen while you bate, go for a drive, go for a walk, have in your ears while you work, whatever! I did my best with Audacity, but my mic is what it is. I hope it sounds okay—please enjoy! Tags: The only words in this audio are
I stumbled upon a stream where they were playing my audios and got off to it, like you do. It’s some standard moaning from your friendly neighborhood birdland, but man oh man was this weird and intense. I know people listen to my stuff to get off, but I never thought I’d just randomly run into people listening to it on a discord server lmao. But it’s great to know people are feeling good! This whole thing is still buckwild to me, but it's super fun and I’m happy to help! And happy to cum lol. Hope you enjoy! Tags:
Got pretty gooned out on a lazy Sunday, recorded it. I got so deep into it I slapped my ass and my pussy and stuff, it was a hell of a thing. Lot of edge riding up in here, I tell you what. Lots of talking to porn, telling it how much I love it, how much I love being addicted, telling myself not to cum (it’s just getting more difficult!), telling gooners how good and beautiful they are, etc. Got so intense I had to put my toy on a lower setting! I also tell gooners to lick up their precum, that was pretty neat. Hope you enjoy! Tags:
I’m not cumming the entire month of May 2021, and I got kinda deep into edging during a goon session. Here, enjoy 30 minutes of moaning and gooning out. This is from the beginning on the month, it’s just getting worse lol. I’m going deeper and I love it. Could be good background noise for you during your own masturbation session—just because I can’t cum doesn’t mean you can’t! Enjoy! Tags: