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Methodasmr Audio Sex Stories 32

Written By: JeffisdeadOnlyAnton Synopsis: After a long flight and a stressful evening at the baggage claim, you finally arrive at your hotel, hoping to get some rest after a grueling day. You stop by the front desk to check in and pick up your room key, but your focus is drawn from the receptionist to the beautiful amazon of a woman standing behind her, who seems to be filing some sort of paperwork. Your eyes meet, and after what seems like an eternity, you finally muster the willpower to look away and get your things. Later that night, you hear a knock at your hotel door, and to your surprise it's the tall woman from the front desk. She claims to be hotel management, and would like to come inside... More audios:
At this point, only you and the librarian enter the building, which has helped you come to learn more about her on a personal level. She has been consistently flirting with you, and you have been flirting back with the same amount of enthusiasm, but will you accept her offer to fuck? More audios:
Your sexy goth roommate has given you a once-in-a-lifetime offer. She's in need of a sex toy and you are doing nothing but studying all day. What a drag. You need a break, whether you want it or not, and so does her body.
Synopsis: Your friends text you, wanting to see if you’re available to hang out today, but your girlfriend isn’t too excited about the idea. As you’re on your way out, she tackles you to keep you inside but accidentally knocks you out. You awake tied down to your bed with a splitting headache and with your clingy, loving, yandere of a girlfriend at your side observing you with the intention of making you feel better, even if that means you have to be on bed rest for an extended period of time.
The unnamed woman decides to take you, her tentacle pet, to the beach on a rather hot day to experience something new. Having such a perverted mind but wanting to remain inconspicuous, she alters you to resemble an octopus. She forgot to change the settings for your intelligence though which makes you no better than a mindless beast that refuses all commands, allow you to have your way with her. More audios and commissions:
Synopsis: A mysterious company sends out free tentacle pets to whoever wishes to accept the responsibilities they come with. A perverted young woman is more than willing to take on this burden and her new pet is just as eager to get acquainted. More audios and commissions:
Your ship crashes onto a restricted area that a soldier class Amazonian happens to be patrolling. Given that men are born rarely on her planet and that they are sought after for breeding, she forces you to prove that you are a man before you are sent to a breeding center where your every need will be met. This is at the cost of your freedom, but better than being arrested or worse. Lucky for you, she’s desperate to be bred and doesn't want to wait any longer. More audios:
A poor soul looking for redemption ends up in the hands of a dominant nun. She straps you to a cross, whips you with her riding crop, pours wax on your body, then tops it all off with fucking your mouth with her strap on. You might have wandered into the wrong religious building. More audios: