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The_nurse_audio Audio Sex Stories 64

Morning Sex With Your Nightshift Girlfriend Summary: It’s been a long night shift for you. You get home and get ready for bed and you’re reminded just how much it sucks working opposite your partner’s schedule. No more cuddling together and falling asleep together, and worst of all you only have a slim window for sex before he gets up to get ready for work. But today, he’s going to remind you just how much you both love and care for each other despite your opposite schedules. Comments and suggestions always welcome! Your Sexy Neighborhood Nurse ;)
Hot Cheerleader Gives You an Extra-Special Thank You for Tutoring Her so many That calc test you tutored me for? I got an A! Here, look. I couldn’t have done it without you. So thanks. Because of this A, my GPA is now high enough for me to stay on the cheer team. You saved my ass. So . . . I really wanted to show you how grateful I am for helping me.
You and Your Hot Wife are Finally Alone to Fuck the Shit Out of Each Other Synopsis: Your and your hot wife couldn't have sex for a long period of time now, because your kids are always at the house. But now they're gone for about 30 minutes.. just about enough to get some sexy action going on Fantastic script by u/MyNameMadeYouSmiley Comments and suggestions always welcome! Your Sexy Neighborhood Nurse ;)
Fucking You Back to Sleep a little bit of “So I have two options. Two things that always make me feel a bit better. One. Do you want to let it out?... If you have too many thoughts and feelings floating around in that beautiful brain of yours, you need to let them out. They're never going to leave you alone if you keep them all cooped up in your head... No? So you’ve chosen option two…” xoxo Your Sexy Neighborhood Nurse
Less Talking, More Cumming plenty of Everyone has been talking about overstim on the damn social media, so I had it on the brain. I tried to keep going but after 4 I was fucking spent. My brain was a little preoccupied, so this is more moans than talking (more fap, less ramble?) I just want to keep cumming over, and over, and over First O: 5:30 Second O: 9:50 Third O: 15:10 Fourth O: 21:15 Mic was brushing a bit into my hair on that last one, suuuper sorry about that!