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Thesoupnotsee Audio Sex Stories 18

then Your close friend suddenly knocks on your door and asks to stay over at your apartment. Apparently, his roommate wants their whole apartment for himself and his girlfriend since it’s Valentine’s Day. You wish he had told you sooner. I mean, you were planning on having fun by yourself. Now, you have to deal with him while also dealing with your body’s desperate need for pleasure. You’ve both been so busy, so your needs haven’t been taken care of in a while. You try to hide it– the signs you usually show when you feel needy. You should’ve known better, though. After all, your friend is close to you in more ways than one. Plus, he’s always had something about him that you’ve never felt with another person. In one way, he’s the friend you absolutely adore. As for the second way, well— let’s just say it gave him enough insight to know exactly when your desires need to be taken care of. In the end, you both get exactly what you need.
You and your long term best friend just finished watching a film, you begin reminiscing on your long time friendship and you finally decide to take the leap and show him how you feel... it turns out much better than you expected! Well, once he believes you aren't pulling a joke on him! "You- You can't just say shit like that to me. You can't say shit like that to your friends... Why? Because... Because it's weird. I mean- Why... Why are you moving closer to me?" "baby, good girl, daddy, beautiful
Your family decided to go away for Christmas this year, so instead of staying home alone your best friend invited you to stay at his house for the holiday. When he told his family he was bringing you along, they assumed you were dating. To make matters worse, his uncle dropped in for a surprise visit, taking up the guest bed.
It’s been so long since you last saw your partner in-person. Today, you were finally reunited. All throughout dinner he held himself back, especially with you wearing that perfect dress. However, once you get home, it’s different. There, he’s determined to make sure you know exactly how much he missed you. He wants you to look at him through the mirror while he makes you feel how much he missed you, and you better not look away. You better be a good girl, and take it. “Does it feel good? Do you like it when I play with your nipples while you rub your pretty clit? …Oh, baby. I know you want me to touch you down there, but you’re gonna have to wait… I want to take my time with you— I want to rile you up, so I can make you cum so fucking hard on my cock.”
It's just a normal Sunday morning. I got up early and decided to let you sleep in while I run some errands, including stopping for some flowers and coffee to help you wake up. Turns out, you have a little surprise for me too. *CNC/Rape tags included because speaker is leg-locked into a creampie*
This is laying a cornerstone of my sexuality on the table, my milf kink. And since I only ever seem to trip over my words during ramblefaps, I thought it'd be easier to fall back on a "one word challenge" guideline. *note* the listener's breasts are described as "big" or "huge" once or twice.
You and your partner are getting away for the Christmas weekend up in a cabin in the snowy snowy mountains. The cabin is beautiful, and you're both excited about enjoying the weekend and being away from it all. But, after the hot toddies, though, all you two want to do is stay in the cabin and work on ways to keep each other warm.
Its my day off, but you still have to go to work. You pick up the phone and see a voicemail from me. A voicemail telling you in grave detail a specific activity I have planned for the evening. Hope it warms you up, sexy. "When you get home, I’ll be making good on my missed opportunity from this morning. I don’t need anything back. You’ll be exhausted from your long day. I want this to be all about you."