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Totallynotchanel Audio Sex Stories 77

You think your girlfriend’s gym outfits are way too revealing, so you decide to confront her about them. It doesn’t seem like she’s getting the point, so you tell her that you’re going to show her who she really belongs to. She lets you take control for a short while, but it’s not clear if she’s really learning her lesson.
Lesson 1: Hi, my name is Stacy 0:00-7:17 Lesson 2: Losers 7:28-15:00 Lesson 3: What Use Are YOU? 15:10-20:35 Lesson 4: Rinsing and Cleaning 20:46-27:55 Lesson 5: Locking You Up 28:05-36:11 Lesson 6: Apologies 36:20-44:49 Lesson 7: Getting Pegged 45:04-56:22 Lesson 8: Let's Talk About Loser Puddles 56:41-1:06:04 Lesson 9: Girl Pee 1:06:12-1:16:43
You wake up to the touch of your girlfriend’s sweet lips. But something feels off... You open your eyes and find that your hands are bound. Wait a minute, that’s not your girlfriend! It’s your hot crazy friend who also happens to be your girlfriend’s bestie! Apparently, she’s in love with you and knows all about the cum you’ve been building up all week in anticipation of your girlfriend’s homecoming. And it turns out that she is a bit of a cum freak herself. And now that she finally has you right where she wants you, she might just treat herself with a load or two…
I’ll admit. Initially, I thought it was a little weird when you asked me if I could .. pretend to be your girlfriend for a day. I mean… we’re best friends.. And I didn’t want things to be weird, or awkward, or different in any way between us, you know? ...
I’m a size queen, so I only date guys with big dicks, and I always have fun talking filth into their ear about how much I love their cock. But you... you’re the biggest guy I’ve had. And there’s no way I’m not going to talk about that meat to you while I have the chance. So come here, sit down on the couch, and let me get you going with my voice... Although we both know it won’t stop there.
Close your eyes and think about her. Oh yeah. Her. Your crush. You know who I’m talking about. Don’t deny it, I know you want her. You want to smell her, taste her and touch her sexy body all over. And you’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t you? You can’t keep anything from me — I know all your dirty little secrets. I know you want to fuck her so bad it hurts.
I can’t fucking believe it. The whole theme of this fucking video is sisters getting their brothers off. I can’t fucking believe you’d watch this! Do you want to do this to me you sick fuck? Bend your sister over the counter and shove your thick, hard cock into her tight fucking pornstar pussy? Or force her to blow you and then cum fucking load after load inside her mouth? Or creep on her through her door way and watch her undress and shake her fat fucking ass?
As long as we’re finally telling the truth, get this in your head, daddy.  I will never fuck you.  Ever. No girl like me will ever want to fuck you, understand? Maybe If you had the balls to stand up for yourself. If you had any shred of self-respect or knew how to act like a man…you wouldn’t be in this situation. But instead, you’re just gonna sit there and cry in your cage and let me treat you like trash. Listen to me, daddy.  You’re going to keep going to work.  You’re going to give me all your money. You’re going to pay for my dates and keep buying the skimpy little outfits that I wear at the club. And while random guys are using my wet little cunt in a filthy bathroom, you’ll be at home… in your cage… doing my laundry, and cleaning my toilet! Think about it, daddy.  All those guys can cum in me whenever they want--while you never get to cum… ever. Don’t you get it yet, daddy? You can’t leave me. You’re addicted to me.