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-goodbyedarling Audio Sex Stories 36

All in all, you could have ended up much worse off in this apocalyptic wasteland. Aren’t you glad that my kill-squad rescued you from your secure bunker and brought you to our all-female compound to be our special pet? Keep letting us breed you, and who knows? We may take your chains off one day. Words of extra warning – this audio is HEAVY on the breeding, but light and loving on the Prejac <3
Good Girls Don’t Lie x2 We agreed that I would support you. In exchange, all you have to do is not lie to me. And let me punish you when you do. Details: You miss a vague appointment that’s supposed to be good for your body/health. I don’t mind that you missed it, or that you used the credit card to buy yourself something nice. What I DO mind is that you lied. I take care of you, and get you as wet as you need to be – no work on your part required. I touch your breasts and nipples. I tongue-fuck you, and eat your pussy and ass (multiple times you lucky girl). I’m controlling and possessive in a consensual, positive way. I tell you to hold still, and I hold you down. Names: Princess Good Girl Ma’m, Mistress, Mommy Feedback is always welcome darling ;)
Additional tags: I get stuffed full of cock and cum by two rapists who breed me for the good of humanity. Sure, that’s the reason. I quiver with fear (excitement?) talking about a more risqué fantasy of mine. I give a lot of useless (no, world-building?) details. I trip over myself a lot and fuck up my words but that’s what you get when I’m shaking all over from pleasure. I’m so turned on that I try to hurt myself and can’t >.< yeesh I don’t really cry because I’m in a really good mood during this one – but I do in my fantasy so TW. Trigger Warning in general – my mind goes to dark places. MIND THE TAGS. Treat yourself to some after care if you need it for realsies. I blushed writing the tags. This is a fantasy by an 18+ performer for an 18+ audience. MDNI.
Additional Tags: After waking up early to shovel the snow on your front yard, you return to your bedroom, where your Hellhound girlfriend has woken up to find you missing. Seeing you return, she immediately pulls you back into bed to warm you back up, but there's only so long she can be all cuddly with you before her instincts take over.
Summary: You've been an office night shift janitor for a few months now. The night security/receptionist and you have been slowly getting to know each other. You share lunch together, music, books, conversation. etc. ...Actually you've never shared a meal though. In fact, she's never eaten anything in front of you. Interesting. Oh well! You start your night shift and are instructed to clean floor 13, which you're usually told not to go anywhere near by the mysterious manager, but your coworker has told you tonight is different and she's prepared a very special mixtape for you. Just make sure to ONLY listen to it when you get to the 13th floor. If the Vampire’s accent wobbles it’s because she’s several hundred years old and lived across every state in the South. So there :p
My fantasy about my daddy and my boyfriend get me to come like ….5 times on my toy? I overstimmed the crap out of myself and lost track. I get really loud, but remember, the silences are the best part for me ;) I left my stupid moments in there on purpose. It’s hard to think when I’m pressed between my two Daddies getting by brains fucked out, cut me some slack!!
You clearly had a bad day, and I want to make you feel good, but how the hell am I supposed to control myself when you’re there, looking like that?! It stops being about you pretty quick. I hope you come and everything, but I’m being selfish today. Come or get left behind. Pet names: x100000 pretty sure I drop a “Good fucking girl” somewhere there too Details about word choice, genitalia if you’d like to know: My spit and pussy are the only wet things here, no ejaculate mentioned. The TF listener of this particular fantasy of mine is pre-op or no-op for bottom, unspecified top. “Chest” is mentioned briefly. Rimming is for your delicious opening (not “anal” though I do grab and spit on your “ass”). I love sliding myself back and forth over your penis, especially at the head which I affectionately refer to as your clit and that “favorite part of yours”. I don’t mention male anatomy. Extent of transition (if any) is not mentioned, but you are wearing a skirt. Love, you are so beautiful. Please remember that.
Fuck me as hard as you can, Pup! My imagination did a fantastic job - me and my toy broke skin by the end (oops) My Puppy does such a good job at fucking me, I can barely make actual words and mostly just plead and moan and beg for cum and give praise <3 Come on Baby, My Puppy, My Sweet Boy, fuck me up.
When the request is made by your Domme Mommy, it’s not a request. It’s an Order. Note About Cum: I do mention how much I want to see cum squirting out of your cock one time, ejaculate is not otherwise mentioned There are many loud wine sips in this one - don’t get distracted!
Called: Good Boy, Slut, Whore, Baby Cum Note: Listener ejaculates by handjob and pegging The guy in the red suit sent his Kinkiest Silliest Elf (by BUS!!) to your doorstep decorated in nothing but ribbons for the occasion. She had a peek at the Nice List, knows EXACTLY what you deserve for the holidays and she’ll give it all she’s got. That is- after she eats your cookies, drinks your milk, and gets what she wants. Whose present is this supposed to be, anyway? Special “Thank You” shout-out to my Secret Santa recipient for allowing me to post this special audio publically. Their name/username has been edited out in the audio so anyone can enjoy. MUAH <3 Thank you sweetie :D
First I lose my mind with worry for you. Then I lose my temper. Then I lose my cool. Then you prove to me that I haven’t lost my girl. because speaker says “No” after speaker uses safe word. ??Is it though? Sounds reasonable to me. lots and lots of Pet Names:
Inspired by the beauty of the Supermoon, and the intense crazy that comes along with it, I can’t stop thinking about how much I want to sacrifice some poor guy’s virginity to the Moon Godess. Here’s me fapping to it. In real life, virginity status means absolutely nothing. In my fantasy, it’s really fucking hot. Enjoy the Ritual, Darlings <3 Ps. I’m quiet when I have the best Os ;)
Synopsis: The west is a dangerous place to travel through, as you soon discover when your carriage is robbed by an Outlaw. But this particular criminal seems to have more than just riches on her mind...you best give her what she wants, darlin’ Come on, Sweetheart. Gimme all you got. Pet names: Cute Boy, Sweetheart, Dawlin’ Cum note: There’s a lot. I lick it all up. (gross, but hot??) This wonderful, superfun, amazing script was written by u/brazilianbabe123 !! I took the liberty to edit a couple of tags changing our Medieval Robina Hood to an outlaw hero of the American South / West! That’s it. Get on up outta here now and take a listen.
Additional Tags: Soft Spoken, Gentle Alcohol Note: I Mention that I use my kitchen to drink wine and dance rather than cook. At this point, that should surprise no one. I visit my local sexy shelter to chose the perfect pet to take home with me. I love my bunnies and kitties, but I find my perfect little puppy to take home and spoil! Listener Called: Puppy, Love, cute, shy, darling
In this ghost story, two lovers move to a new house to continue their sexy fdom/msub escapades in the quiet, serene house in the woods. The strong, tall, older woman didn’t take the rumors of the hauntings seriously, and left her poor man alone, and at the mercy of a vindictive spirit….. Note: There is some playful degradation regarding size and listener is called a “fuck toy,” but is otherwise a loving, established relationship.
speaker turns into Pet names Your enthusiastic girlfriend got you a special present for your Birthday! It’s the first time either of you have used a strap-on and you figure it out together in a sweet, consensual, sexy way! Consent checks before putting it on, looking in the mirror, taking pictures, and using it. Like most things in life, the first time is awkward, but it’s a wonderful experience for both of you. Honestly, your GF loses her fucking mind at how sexy you are :D Quick note for my pride: I’m not great at cooking, it’s ‘true. But I’ve never been afraid of a spider in my life ;p
Missy, why did you put the f4m tag all the way at the end? Because the intended audience is f4tm, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t fit an f4m tag too! I encourage, then I beg so much I’m little bit embarrassed. Names and stuff: How I talk about your cock: In my mind you had a prosthetic that took a little extra attention to get hard. I wanted to help so badly but you decided you wanted me to help with something else instead…. PS: Yes, I really do flop around in the throes of passion all over my bed Enjoy <3
Today is all about you. Love, your little cum-slut. Perfect for or or anyone who wishes they could put their cock and in my mouth. Completely unintentional when you in my mouth. consensual forced down. The Godess of the Full Moon told me to perform a selfless act for as many strangers as possible. Here’s my treat for you<3 Have fun, Darlings. Ps. I discuss cock and balls but no other gender specifics. Today, I just wanted to blow you :D