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Thesecretsubject Audio Sex Stories 54

This was a voted request over on YouTube but I really wanted to give it a sexy spin. So this is the special, HFO edit of the idea of my voice being inside your head, recorded with my 3Dio microphone to give it that extra little bit of movement and feeling. In this audio, we discuss all the ways my voice ensnares your mind. How intoxicating it can be, like a drug sneaking through your system and as you give into me, you feel how soothing and relaxing it can be, wrapped up in my voice. Then, as a sexy surprise my voice snakes around your body, binding you tightly and then covers you in pleasure and arousal. Every beat of my voice is like a hand, caressing you in all those special places, hands turning into mouths and covering your entire body, making you feel so good. This continues until finally you are allowed to orgasm. This is a true HFO experience, for some of you that means this will start off as a purely mental orgasm, for some of you it will be both mental and physical, but regardless you will feel it strongly. At the end of the file there is an optional wakeup and a suggestion to follow upon waking. SUGGESTIONS: In this file the suggestions are that my voice is so intoxicating like a drug. It starts nice and gentle relaxing you into trance, there is fractionation and a LOT of use of the "sleep" trigger, plus a little reinforcement of that. Then, I tell you all about how you love being controlled by my voice, giving you some suggestions to say yes to me and love it, plus a few little mantras. There is also a LOT of snapping. Eyes opening and closing to fractionate you a little and show you how much I control you and intentional use of dissociative language. Then, we get into the sexy stuff, you find yourself literally tied down by my words and then hands and mouths touching all over you. Each word I say is like multiplying the feelings. Also, every time I whisper the word "pleasure" you feel more pleasure and arousal building. There is a count down and reference to your mind breaking as you finish because it feels so good. Once you do, your mind just breaks down until it's time to come back up again. There are also optional amnesia suggestions right at the end. ENJOY!
This is a delightfully wicked HFO/pleasure trigger file which is going to take you into a deep state of trance before teasing and working you up and giving you some fun new triggers which I can use to mess with your body and your mind. If you crave my sexual control, this is the file for you! With brand new triggers that are going to be build throughout HFO files in the future to give you a great sexual experience. In this file we go through a fractionation countdown induction, followed by leading you down deep into your subconscious mind and into my playroom, a BDSM dungeon where I can train my submissives. There, I massage you down, ramping up your pleasure and teasing you, playing with my sense of control mingling with your arousal to drive you wild before giving you a brand new trigger. Whenever I (and only I, this is for me) say "my sweet submissive" to you in a place when you are safe to do so, your body will send a deep shockwave of pleasure through your body, making you tense up instantly. This will work whether you are awake or asleep. After that I play with the trigger as we cement it into your mind, followed by making you orgasm through the button on your forehead, causing your mind to melt and your eyes to roll back. Then, because I am evil, we wake you up and play around with the new triggers a second time... This is going to be a great base for anyone new to HFO and pleasure training and is going to be a new classic! SUGGESTIONS: HFO, with a new button on your forehead, when I press it you will orgasm My sweet submissive trigger that sends a deep shockwave of pleasure through you, (whether awake or asleep) Waking you up and testing the triggers Taking you into my dungeon, tying you down, blind folding you and touching you all over Eye rolling Deep trance with a full induction and deepener Good submissive trigger which makes you feel all submissive towards me and tingly This is very much a I control your pleasure type file with a lot of language around my control over you and your orgasms. Very controlling Submissive training Check here for alternate versions without binaural beats! https://www.patreon.com/posts/51164126
This is my first ever proper script read by an awesome writer called SuckMyScript you can find the script here https://scriptbin.works/u/SuckMyScript/f4m-goddess-owns-your-orgasm-mommydom to have a read and see what this one is about (although I changed a couple lines to make it fit better with what I do and remove some of the lines regarding needing to have Goddess there all the time to feel pleasure as that's not my thing). This one is aimed at men with penises as it has references throughout to stroking and getting yourself turned on for your Goddess. It is a pretty short and simple scene where you image yourself face to face (and face to panties) with a beautiful Goddess who is going to take you and play with you, and of course make you orgasm for her. This rides that line between roleplay and hypnosis as it's more like a fantasy scene than anything else. FEATURING: Pussy worship JOI HFO Stripping for Goddess Her controlling your pleasure References to wanting to be told how to touch Calling you my pet, and good boy References to looking silly for her and humping the air What do you think about this script read? Let me know in the comments and if you have a script you'd like me to read next let me know!
This recording is another script fill with script provided by the amazing SuckMyScript! Massive thanks to them for letting me give this one a go! This trance is a HFO femdom hypnosis all around the idea of me tuning in to the frequency of your submission, getting inside your head on a visceral level and really driving you wild with my control over your body and mind. There is a lot of close whispering, the mic moving my voice around your head as well as themes of obedience, control and of course pleasure. There is also imagined touch, calling you a slut and the image of my hand on your throat. If you want to know more, read the full script! https://scriptbin.works/u/SuckMyScript/f4af-the-frequency-of-submission-f4a-version SUGGESTIONS: HFO and pleasure suggestions My voice becoming so much more powerful in your mind, taking control of you so easily when I speak like that Draining your mind Deep trance My hand on your throat making you feel owned by me in that moment My hands getting you off Tease and denial Me being there next to you, immersed into this scene of us being together while I mess with your mind Ending in an orgasm
Are you ready to resist right into fractionated, hypnotized bliss? This is a little memory play, fractionation resistance hypnosis audio in which you are asked to remember a mantra, does it change along the way as you go through the stages of hypnotic submission? Only one way to find out, if you can remember it at the end. This is a very mind messy style of fractionation where I talk at you while you focus on a series of mantras, "I am not being hypnotized" is your only way to resist my words as I talk in the background of your mind. There is a lot of confusing language, telling you to open and close your eyes, whispering and repeating loops and patterns of hypnosis intended to confuse you and be a little gaslighty. Lots of references to not having started yet, which is intentionally meant to confuse and disarm you a little. Make you question your own mind and thoughts. There is a wakeup at the end and all suggestions are cleared however, the aim is to forget what happened, so expect there to be holes in your memory of this audio. In this edit, there are commands to kneel, and wake up on your knees at one point so keep this in mind, there is also references to being weak to my voice, easy to control, false memories of only ever being submissive to me (during this audio ONLY), loss of memory of where you are. Fractionation is hard but slow, expect this one to be a little intense for some listeners, make sure to have aftercare things ready for this one!! This extra long HFO edit contains references to moaning in pleasure, ideas of me straddling and touching you, discussion of mental and physical pleasure, control, pleasure and arousal at my command. Suggestions of having your hair pulled, and touched in those places between your legs, there is a special command of orgasming and being kissed while doing so with kissing sounds.
This was what I ACTUALLY had in mind with the theme of covert hypnosis this month. It's not covert, at all in fact it's conversational but it gets very overt towards the end. This is a slow burning domination file that is taking all your control for me and then giving you a mental orgasm. I've been thinking about HFO hypnosis for a long time and I know I have a series on it that I've been working on but this is a very different take on the theming of it. The goal here is giving you a mental erotic massage/touching all the arousing parts of your mind until we finally let you release and your mind breaks. SUGGESTIONS: This file is very heavy domination (towards me) featuring some very sticky language and ideas of being mentally touched in all those sexy places you want to be touched. I also add some new triggers for arousal including "pleasure", "orgasm" and "cum", which when said by me (this trigger is locked to me, if you want it for everyone ask and I'll make a more open version for other play too) will make those effects happen. Remember, mental arousal may feel different to physical arousal, so have an open mind and let's see what happens. Just a final warning the "cum" trigger breaks your mind. It has strong language like "shattering" into pieces so please keep that in mind, it might be too much for some. This version for all patrons is the full mix! If you want the single track mix check here https://www.patreon.com/posts/coversational-39504320 ENJOY!
In this audio I'm going to control you with my voice, and my voice alone. My voice is so powerful I can use to to control you body and mind, strip you of freewill and thought and then bring you to the brink of pleasure with it. Suggestions include, being helpless and mindless for me, my voice being an anchor, conditioning you to obey me deeper every time. Calling me "Mistress" and references to helplessness, lack of choice (CNC) and control over what happens, begging with your face, light degradation (being called pathetic when you beg). Button pushing, JOI (so being told to touch and when to touch) as well as my voice literally controlling the speed of your arousal. There is also mantras you will say that become triggers, as well as a new trigger, that will only work when spoken by me in a place you are safe and secure, "sleep for me". I also reuse Jolt and My Sweet Submissive triggers so it would help if you watch them first. Also this has a suggestion at the end, you will be given a choice denial and the pleasure will wear off in a few minutes after making you feel it, or you can bring yourself to climax using your mantra.
This file is my first super explicit arousal file. The aim is to make you dumb and horny, linking the pleasure of you playing with yourself to being a dumb and stupid little toy. This has no wakeup and is created to be looped. Please keep in mind that afterwards you will still be in that dumb headspace for a while, it will fade and completely go once you sleep.
Welcome back to the wizard school and this time your friend went and got herself hit with a bimbofication spell, unlucky (or lucky) for you she's decided to take you along for the ride... Just a heads up, as with all my bimbofication work this is 100% GENDER NEUTRAL, I don't use bimbo as a gendered term so anyone can use this file as long as you like the idea of being a bimbo. A bimbo in this case is someone who is dumb (dumber even then her) and giggles a lot while focusing on being happy and not smart at all. This is another role play session where we find ourselves back at Wizard School, in the dorms this time. You are walking back to your room when you here your friend giggling down the hall, when you get to her room you find her lying on the bed giggling with her spell book open and surrounded by pink sparkles. She got hit with her own bimbo spell! Do you try and fix her, or will she fix you instead? SUGGESTIONS: This is a SFW bimbofication hypnosis session. It does reference the IQ play in the first Wizard School role play so please watch that first! You will become a bimbo, in this case she describes what that will be like as she turns the tap and has your IQ leaking from your mouth again. Then, she plays a little game with you, having you spell your name and do some math before she dumps all your ability to recall letters and numbers on the floor in a huge mess. At the end she makes you so super dumb, and has you say "I love being a bimbo" with slurred words, because you are that gone. In the end she brings you back up with your mind back in tact! BONUS NSFW SUGGESTIONS: So after all this, you get so stupid that your friend decided to make you strip for her. Using your lack of smarts against you and meaning you have more room for pleasure versus thinking. She then gives you some suggestions to touch places and then once she sees what you like, decides to finish you off herself. There is also a button that every bimbo (in this universe) has that when pressed makes them orgasm their brains out, which she tried on you! So lots of JOI and HFO in the end of this one, before you wake up naked and back with your smarts. Use headphones for the best listening experience! ENJOY!
Welcome to part one of my first ever proper training series! In this series you will train yourself to have a real, hand free orgasm with just a few words! To complete this series you will need to train with each file until you feel you have mastered the skill it teaches, once you have mastered the skill you can move on to the next file. This is file one, for this file you will be instructed to touch yourself and while you do we will start the pleasure conditioning process. The goal of this file is to have you orgasm on command, while touching. So, the aim will be to get closer and closer to being able to orgasm when you are told to each time. Now when you start training with the file you might not be able to do it straight away, that's okay. That's why it's so important to keep your training consistent and stay positive throughout the process. The file has the usual safeties of time, place and person so all the pleasure triggers are locked to spaces where you are safe to experience pleasure with people you trust and when you have time. Make sure that you are in a comfortable spot with plenty of lube (if you need it) and in lose clothes or naked. As long as you can touch what you need to easily that's enough. Have water handy for afterwards. This is a gender neutral series so all can listen and enjoy. The loop file for this session is about edging, it is learning to control your pleasure and orgasm until you are told to. It is also about linking ideas about liking it when people tell you to cum versus just cumming cause you can, which will help later in the series. ENJOY!
IQ play has always been a favourite of mine and recently I have wanted to have a session using someones "audience participation" as a fixation tool for trance, combined with amnesia denial and you have a great time! This audio is all about your pleasure, allowing you to listen, relax and really get yourself into a place of being aroused to my voice so easily but then, we use that pleasure to allow me to change your thoughts from thinking to mindless, and then, we change it from smart to dumb followed by leaning into the concept that dumb people, don't have room to remember tasks like touching. It's a little spiralling rabbit hole where you get dumb because you are horny, but the dumbness makes you forget to add to the horny and around it goes. I also add a little trigger, a reminder to do the task you are supposed to be focusing on, but even that increases the pleasurable dumbness. It's a whole thing. The trigger for this audio is "touch toy" when said, you touch and go mindless, letting that be all consuming for a bit until you forget to touch. Thsi can be used by myself or by someone you trust. The usual safeties (time, place, trust) are in place so this will not work for anyone you do not trust at a time you don't feel safe to do this action. Potentially will be used in future audios if you like this one! There is a wakeup but you will be feeling it even more when you do wake up, no longer dumbed down but very much feeling the effects in your body and no longer your mind. So allow room to "deal with that" after the count up (or not). If you would like a version with added backgrounds and binaurals let me know!
This wonderful script is by SuckMyScript and is all about relaxing you down into deep trance so I can play with your sense of pleasure. It involves a lot of ideas around my voice being in tune with your submission and helping to guide you deeper down for me, and make you feel good. Obedience is pleasure after all. It has language about my voice being like little sparks of electricity moving through you as well as HFO and pleasurable effects, gentle femdom tones and a lot of finger snapping. You can read the full script here (I only changed a couple lines). https://scriptbin.works/u/SuckMyScript/f4a-brain-button-hfo-hypnosis ENJOY!
Collaring your mind, making you submit to me gently, as well as past triggers coming back from previous parts of this series, this file is full on! People wanted more trigger play and, WOW this file is all that and more. This is hypnosis for obedience as well as trigger testing and a complete full circle of all of the Seduced into Obedience series audios so far. Lots of layered whispering, binaural beats and ASMR sound, this is a great experience for those looking for a little bit of everything with their submission training. Please make sure you listen to the previous Seduced into Obedience 1-5 before trying this as it all links together! SUGGESTIONS: Mantras Using the 'Who do you belong to?" trigger Making you agreeable to my words with forced nodding and saying, "Yes, Miss Subject" Making you weak and helpless to my control Sinking you deep into submission Bringing back memories of past sessions to use against you Using the Good Slave trigger (when you hear these words you will feel a wave of submission and bliss) Every time I say Blank with a snap, your mind instantly wipes and goes totally blank and empty Lots of very powerful finger snaps (be prepared!) Fractionation Body control when you are awake or under deeply, making you stand at attention and kneeling on the floor for me (some of you might want to imagine this, others might actually want to do this) Post hypnotic suggestions to show the control I have over you Inspecting your body and how well you obey my commands Amnesia play, making you think you haven't been hypnotized yet even though you have Knowing I could do anything I want to you... No wakeup at the end of this, you will drift in trance until you are ready to be awoken Collar on/off making you my owned slave with a collar around your neck whenever I use this PLEASURE SUGGESTIONS: Using the Sweet Submissive trigger Making you strip down for me Installing a new trigger, Jolt (sends a shockwave of pleasure through your body whenever I say it with a snap) Making you orgasm but only when I say so Controlling your pleasure JOI with telling you how to touch yourself for me Using both your dominant and non dominant hands Making your hands feel like my hands as you feel pleasure
Are you ready to get fucked, slut? You'd better be... This is a little bit of hypnosis mixed with a WHOLE lotta mind fucking, strap on fantasy. Basically, I take your face and fuck it so hard your brain slides out of your head and into a puddle on the floor. It is created to be an intense level of degradation and some serious sucking my strap on dick. Afterwards, when your brain is just. a little gooey puddle, I have you touch yourself and then suck on your fingers, to replace the empty feeling left by my cock. There is a little fractionation in the beginning and a lot of teasing you leading up to the image of me straddling you and sliding my dick into the hole on your face, before I fuck your brain out. There are no lasting triggers, this is an all in one experience. Keep in mind the level of intensity of this one is quite high. Only listen if this is something you really want to do. Also some of the language used veers into non-con territory. So before you listen please understand that by reading this and playing the track you are consenting to that. This is very sexual in nature and made to make you feel used and like a toy. You have been warned. This is gender neutral and open to anyone who likes the idea of me with a strap on dick! ENJOY!
So I have this little blue clicker that used to hypnotize me, so this time I hypnotize you with it. This is all based around confusion, fractionation and just a fun kind of freestyle brain magic playing on things we know your brain does naturally. This was just recorded in the booth with no script on my new mic. So I'd love to hear what you think about both the sound quality and the hypnosis itself. It starts very rambly and gets hypnotic quickly! This audio is just hypnosis and while it does have some "cheeky top" vibes it its not domineering or has any subby references besides "you like to be told what to do" so this is great for people who just want to get destroyed on fractionation without that submission play. The fractionation starts fast and gets very, vert fast so expect this to be mean. All up you go down and up about 100 times. Ooops! This will be one that experienced hypnotees will love and newer ones can probably get into eventually with "playing along". There are lasting optional suggestions, this trigger will work among people you trust with it, in a safe place etc, you can also use this trigger alone for when you just want a little play but have no one to mess with you. There is also an option to not have any lasting suggestions. Wakeup, there is one but it is worded so you can lose or keep as much as that lefetover fractionated feeling afterwards. Also, please do NOT listen to this when you need to function afterwards. Like, driving etc because for some this will cause them to feel suggestible and floaty post file. ENJOY!!
So if you can think about-- Oh wait, never-mind, bimbos don't need to think. Just sink into the familiar fractionated haze while you slowly start to giggle your mind away. Let me know what you think, or don't after this file! SUMMARY This file is a fractionation file mixed with an overload of fun subliminals that will aid in you becoming a mindless, brainless bimbo for as long as you would like these effects (now in saying that fractionation can linger in some people so keep in mind you could lose the rest of your day to the fuzzy feelings.) TARGET AUDIENCE Anyone who wants to get fractionated as you are stripped of your IQ and turned into a silly, happy bimbo. (This file does not have any references to sexual things) SUGGESTIONS This file is a fractionation file so uses the SLEEP and WIDE AWAKE triggers a lot, it also suggests that your brain and body becomes filled with pink mist that overwhelms it and strips your of your IQ. Be aware there is one reference to it being "drug like" so if you are not into that best not play this one. SUBLIMINALS -Like, thinking is hard -Dumber and Dumber -OMG you're such a bimbo! -Thinking is for smart people, and you're not a smart people, are you? -Mind goes pop, thoughts just stop (And the dreaded ticking sound...)
Part Two of the Hands Free Orgasm series. Make sure to listen to part one of the conditioning here before listening to this next step. https://soundgasm.net/u/TheSecretSubject/F4A-Hands-Free-Session-One-Orgasm-On-Command-HFO-Training-Pleasure-Conditioning-Orgasm-on-Command-Hypnosis-Training In this file we take the conditioning a step further, lessening any physical touch and growing how strong your arousal is, mentally. So for this part we are going let you touch a little, but mostly we will focus on the conditioning of the pleasure and orgasm triggers. We take it slowly at first and build your up to orgasm on the countdown at the end. Don't worry if at first it takes a few listens to connect how your body feels with how your mind responds. HFO's usually take a little bit to get into and do feel different to regular orgasms. SUGGESTIONS: At the end we reinforce the suggestions which are. Each time you are told to orgasm on command like this, when touching or not, it becomes easier and easier with hypnosis. This has the usual safeties of only being able to be in certain spaces with certain people. Also we build up the pleasure trigger again so it gets more and more intense levels of arousal out of you, every time. There is no wakeup after this one and it leaves you basking in the afterglow of a great session. If you want a wakeup version let me know!
SUMMARY This is a quick bimbofication loop (gender neutral and not explicitly sexual) that has the aim of having you giggle your mind away with my bimbo alter-ego, the lovely and very silly Crystal! TARGET AUDIENCE This is for anyone who wants to experience the feeling of being a silly, pink, fluffy, bubbly bimbo and giggle their mind away. Does have some audience participation (giggling) so be in a space where you can make some noise. SUGGESTIONS The suggestions are that when you giggle you will stop thinking and vice versa. This file is not permanent and really should only work while looping or for a short time after the file. If you are highly suggestive the effects may last a little longer. SUBLIMINALS This file does have the following subliminal tracks: -Giggle your mind away -Giggle with me -Happy, Bubbly, Brainless Bimbo And various background giggles.
Welcome to the most intense bimbo file I've made in a while. This time, let's see how we can condition your brain to get silly, bubbly and stupid as you chew gum. DISCLAIMER: If you choose to chew gum during this file make sure you don't lie down, I don't want any choking. The best way to use this file is to listen to it either while doing other things or while pleasure conditioning, a bit like my other brainwashing files. Okay, so now we have that out the way, this file is INTENSE! Initially I created this as an experimental track that I would use a few of the new editing styles I tested during "Blank Toy Brainwashing", but I ended up liking the results of this so I will be excited to see how it goes! This is at least 11 layers of track, on track, on track, with various subliminals and binaurals made to overload your senses and really dig at your head. The tracks are dual audio, so listen with headphones for the full effect and sorry to those with hearing difficulties, you may miss some of the layers. The suggestions in this file are, to condition you so that when you are in a place and time that is secure for you to enjoy, you will chew gum and chewing gum reminds you of how silly, stupid and how much of a bimbo you are. Your brain will be bubbles, like the bubbles made by the gum and you can just be happy and content. This is for people who love bimbofication and as always it is gender neutral as long as you like the term, "bimbo". Let me know how this experiment goes and good luck!
As requested and voted by the upper patreon tiers this file is all about freezeplay mixed with touching and arousal. Definitely fun for anyone who wants to feel played with while they 'play'... This file has a lot of audience participation involved so make sure you are in a spot where you can do that as well as have time and space to be frozen. Because while you want to play with yourself, I'm going to make it very hard on you to be able to get yourself to the finish line with some fun, tease and freeze play. The suggestions for this one are all in the file and will end at the end, however this is very controlling and has heavy themes of me being able to take what I want from you control wise, including being able to freeze you while you touch like this, so just be prepared for that. Such a fun suggestion, and each time I freeze you and you try to resist (emphasis on TRY) you just get more stuck until you are just completely helpless for me and my advances. We also have some fun little suggestions about me telling you how to touch things etc but that's not the focus of this file. Expect it to be D/s, freeze play and a lot of arousal. ENJOY!